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Forum Rules

Dear member or visitor of casiocalc.org,

We are glad that you came here and want to contribute to our forum! Since the maintenance of the forum is quite some work at times, we would kindly ask you to adhere to some rules to make our work easier and your work with the forum more pleasant.
  • Please Use The Search

    Please use the forums search facilities. They are quite powerful and can help you find the answer to your question without having to wait for a reply.

  • Stay On Topic

    If you answer to topics try to keep it on the original topic and stay polite. We are a nice community so be nice to us... Off-Topic stuff can be discussed in the free discussion forum but be aware that term 9 does also apply there.

  • Don't YELL At People

    No shouting needed. CAPS are commonly considered as shouting on the Internet and should be avoided. We hear you! Sometimes it takes some days more but you won't speed us up by shouting. If you don't get an answer then there might be the case that no one here knows one.

  • No Cross Posting

    Please do not cross post in different forums. Choose the one that fits best, it will be read.

  • Bump, Don't Repeat

    Please do not post the same topic several times. If your question did not get answered then you can bump the old topic by simply posting a reply in it.

  • Avoid Double Posting

    Please try to avoid double or triple posting, though the forum does most of the stuff for you here. This does not apply to "bumping" topics where multiple posts might be acceptable. Also avoid quoting entire posts. Do only quote the relevant parts!

  • Post In English Please

    Please use English. We are an international forum and as such prefer the language English as our mean of communication. It is the language spoken by most people. (except maybe Chinese;) but no one here knows this :D ). If you need or want to post in your own language consider this as a last resort. This is acceptable if you don't know the proper language to express what you want. You are likely to get more feedback in English though. Please do always try to include a short version of your text in English so everyone knows what you said. We don't care how good your English is since most of us don't speak English natively either. For translations, FreeTranslations.Com is fine.

  • No Advertising

    Please do not abuse the forums for advertising. We do not tolerate plain advertisement that has no value to us. Just an example "Buy Windowless" with a link is considered illegal advertising while "Have you ever used windows blinds? It has this, this and that advantage but has also this weakness. You can try it here and if you like it you could buy it" by a user that is longer here than a week or so could be considered ok.

  • No Porn or Warez

    Please do not post porn or links to serials, cracks or illegal copies of programs or the content itself. It is ok to say why, or that you copy software or music and discuss this but please give no guidelines to others on how to do it or where to find such stuff. We are responsible for the contents of the forum and could get in serious trouble if you did. Porn or other "adult" stuff is forbidden because this forum is frequently visited by minors.

  • Admins Are Human Too

    Be patient with the admins and moderators since we are also only humans. These are simply guidelines and should be regarded as such. We are very tolerant and not strict. We also like to have some fun sometimes but we also are responsible for the content here. So please keep it clean and don't spam the forums! Your admin staff