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Try To Hack Your Classwiz Models!

ClassWiz Hack

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#1 Hikari Calyx

Hikari Calyx


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Posted 12 October 2015 - 11:35 AM

Well, I'm from Baidu fx-ES(MS) bar which is a community to discuss calculators. My ID is jyx8151 there.


I'm going to introduce how to hack your Casio ClassWiz Models.

Right now, It should be available in these models:

fx-570EX, fx-991EX, fx-82CN X, fx-350CN X, fx-95CN X, fx-991CN X, fx-530AZ, fx-JP500, fx-JP700, fx-JP900, fx-570AR X, fx-991AR X, fx-92 Speciale College, fx-92B Speciale College, fx-87DE X, fx-991DE X, fx-570SP X Iberia, fx-991SP X Iberia.

If you don't have these models, you may use an emulator. It's available on Casio World Education Website for 90-day-trial except for fx-82/350/95/991CN X and fx-JP500/700/900.

Unfortunately, you can't hack fx-82/85/350EX, fx-82/95AR X, fx-82/350SP X Iberia, fx-95CN X VerB right now because Casio fixed this leak.

It may also work on fx-570VN PLUS, fx-915ES, fx-995ES.


The basic tutorial to hack is making an empty box on the screen:

1. 1[÷][(][(]1, along with 13 square roots, 1.

2. Move the cursor to the end.

3. Alpha[∫] or Alpha[x^3] in order to input a colon ":", then input another square root.

4. For fx-82/350/95CN X VerA and fx-991CN X VerA/VerB, press [=] twice, then syntax error. Press left, and delete others but leave the empty box alone.

5. For fx-991CN X VerC and other models , press [CALC],[=], and you may get the same result.

6. After you get an empty box, press left to make the cursor is at the left of box, then press right, then you may see the cursor won't move.

7. Then you can input anything in order to hack the calculator. For more details, I'll edit this post later. If you find the empty box won't appear, please make a reply and tell me your models and version in diagnostic mode.




P.S. Only Chinese and Vietnamese Casio Calculators have an anti-counterfeit label. To get the sum and Px info, press MENU when CY-2xx appears.

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#2 user202729


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Posted 06 November 2016 - 03:17 PM

Actually you only have to type 12 square-roots.

This is caused by new feature that is auto add bracket to clarify meaning, as in          1/AB    ->   1/(AB)     .

You don't need the third 1, only



#3 user202729


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Posted 18 November 2016 - 02:27 PM

The "overflow" hack can also be used.


1. Enter linear mode

2. Enter X=Sigma(X,1,1*10^(9

3. [CALC] [=] AC/on [RIGHT]

4. Delete the 1*10^(9, replace by 2

5. [CALC] [=].


Oddly the hack can also be used with 1*10^(0.

#4 12345calc



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Posted 25 January 2017 - 08:34 PM

Hello, I managed to hack my fx-92 Speciale College:

1. Empty box on the screen (as you described - insert 1÷1((1 along with 13 square roots, then colon and another square root, [CALC] [=] [left] delete all and left box alone).

2. With the cursor before the box, press and hold [right] for 2-3 seconds

3. Input something, while writing the box may disappear, then a character appears and "dances".
If you keep writing, something similar to what you started inputting appears on the screen, and after some time the calculator crashes.

I wasn't able to do anything more, has someone managed to find some more interesting hacks for this kind of Casio calcs models?

#5 fishkiller2



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Posted 21 February 2017 - 04:07 PM

Just did it on my FX991 DE X works great!
Version: https://imgur.com/NMYols2

I found that spamming a single number (like 1 or 9) to the empty box brings up an @ to the screen

Maybe you guys have some other interesting tricks

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