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Serial And Usb Ports Questions...

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Posted 01 April 2004 - 03:22 AM


I have some questions about the CP300 comm ports.

1. The 3-way port is the serial port. Which protocol does it use (RS232)? Do I need any special converting circuit to obtain an RS232 signal?

2. The 20-way port is the USB port. There is an special cable (SB-305) to establish a serial connection with a computer. Does the CP300 have any special function to control that port from within a program? can the Send38k and family be used some way over that port?

3. Is there a way to print directly from the Cp300 to a printer? I have been asked this question several times but I dont know how it can be. There are USB and serial printers and some people would be interested in printing directly, for example, to portable printer.

Thank you all!

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Posted 03 April 2004 - 12:54 PM

1. the 3pin port uses an inverted ttl-compatible signal u can use (i do it so) the old-fashioned fa-122 (there are many rebuilds for that available).
you only need (as electronical parts) are an fet, an npn, 2 z-diodes and some resistors or an level converter.
the best thing (and simplest thing is the original fa-122 (description/layout can be found at casio corner and in the patent information) (don't worry about patent information you can build one for your own use, but don't sell them)
(or look at my page under selfmade there is the layout as at casio corner)

2. The protocol (only a sample (i'm working on it)) can be found on my page too (programme -> classpad -> 3pol Kommunikation (at the bottom of the page))

all the comm commands like (send, receive (!), send38k/receive38k, sendver38k/receive38k) cannot be used to communicate through 20pin connector

3. printing should be possible. you have to rewrite the processor in your printer. (with some hp printers it's possible via an java default installer) but then you can only print from the classpad (or you have to reprogramm the processor again)
another way is to build an device that "translates" the protocoll from "classpaddish" into ps.
- or - what is easier load what you want to print into your computer and then print it from the computer, then you can edit the data you want to print.


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