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Yupee! Back Back!

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#1 Mohamed


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Posted 16 September 2002 - 02:55 PM

Hello everyone. :rolleyes:
Missed you all so much, I just arrived yesterday and read all posts (almost).
I didn't post this in the free discussion 'coz it's CASIO related. ;)

I have so many questions and so many things to tell.

Roe: Your RPG MUST be very good, having a size of 380+ KB, it must be supreme, any hints about it?
superna: What about Space Invaders?
Last thing I remember was that I tried it and it was ultra fast, and I barely saw the bullets falling on me. Any progress?
2072: What about KTR's progress?
Did he finish Tertrix od Winderx, or made any new games?
C@sioMax: What did BomberMan reach?
Morgan: Welcome back, looks like you're more adultish this time. :)

Everyone: I came back with a new CASIO toy to be added to my CASIO devices list (Yupeee).
It's the CASIO Pocket Viewer (PV-S660).
It's a PDA, considered one of the best choices for the following main reasons:
1- Cheap, there are models starting from 60$.
2- Light, weighing 140g with 2*AAA batteries.
3- Has a flash memory, i.e. no data loss when batteries die.

Besides, I got mine (it's the latest and best version yet) for a good discount from the CASIO dealer, I got it for 100$ only, and got a spare new colored cover and 2 colored stylus for free, alos I got a CASIO bag that preserves the temperature of food and beverages as a gift. :D

What I wanted to say (and why this introduction was for), is that the PV had a 6MB storage space, 1MB for OS update, and 1MB for add-ins only. :(
And the remaining 4MB for user data (which would never be full this way).
So I thought that was good and cool, and there would be people making add-ins like what happened with the FX 2.0.
But when I returned and visited the CASIO site, I was astonished.
1- They had links for other user sites.
2- There were a huge community for the PV, with a huge list of software and add-ins and different forums. (40% of the PV programmers are German, no clue why)
3- CASIO gave them full support and links.
4- CASIO developed a full SDK for the PV. :blink:

These are just some of the reasons that made me surprised, I never knew CASIO became so friendly and supported their devices in that beautiful way, that of course reasoned in a very good speed of development, and now there's over 300 add-ins for the PV.
They also included the cable with the PV and did not sell it alone for a 100$.

I don't know what happened to CASIO, I suppose that's a good step to a better life, and I think it's time to request similar support for the AFX calculators.
What do you think guys?

BTW, here are the sites of PV:
1- CASIO site: http://world.casio.com/download/pv
2- Pocket Viewer site: http://www.pocket-viewer.com
3- Another Pocket Viewer site (somehow better), German: http://www.pocketviewer.de, English: http://www.pocket-viewer.de

The PV has a V30 MZ CPU, and I have it's hardware datasheet, is that what the people were looking for for the AFX?

#2 Killer83Z


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Posted 16 September 2002 - 03:16 PM

Hey, welcome back, crazy egypt. That pocket viewer thing seems to be interesting, also that most of the programmers are german B) Anyways, I got to study that a bit, maybe I buy one too. (Thought about getting such a nice little toy many times)

#3 2072


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Posted 16 September 2002 - 07:28 PM

Well for KTr he didn't finish his two games but did another little one there is some time ago: "SKYGAME" that's a little game of reflection (I don't remember if I told you).

But did you read the post about my wonderful discovery ? Now no more message "you must create the basic file ***** with size of ### bytes".

For the pocket thing I saw it there is maybe 6 month ago and I downloaded their SDK but it wasn't compatible at all at first glance but maybe there is something to learn from it...

#4 BradN


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Posted 17 September 2002 - 03:03 AM

We think the FX series has a V30MX cpu, but it might be worth taking a look at the datasheet anyway. Can you upload it somewhere or give a link?

#5 Mohamed


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Posted 17 September 2002 - 04:39 AM

2072: I know about Skygame, he sent it to me to test it.
And yes the Pocket Viewer has some old models, but older models does not support add-ins, starting from the 4th generation they created an OS update to support Add-Ins for the 2nd and 4th generations.

Brad: Sure, here's the link:

What do you think about the CASIO support they gave tp Pocket Viewer?

*edit* Here's a pdf explaining differences between different V30 CPUs.

#6 Roeoender


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Posted 17 September 2002 - 07:56 PM

Hello Mohamed.
About my RPG:
just like old-time painters: I don't want to say anything about my creation until it is done. :D
I don't want to spread propaganda like "unexpected extra" :) and so on.
I started to work on it on 20th june and spent huge part of my holidays working on it, but as some of you may know making an RPG is a really long and somewhat hard (especially on so limited machine as AFX) enterprise.
Right now:
- Lad maps, cities maps, enemies, land display, buildings (healer, merchant, warriors/mages/hunters guilds), combat system, character generation/evolution, some skills, some spells
But still no:
- game plot, quests, NPCs, no spells "engine", no code for skills and so on and so on

As you can see nothing much you can get to know from it, so relax.
One is sure: it will be released when it will be ready (brilliant isn't it?)

As for Pocket Viewer:
nice thing, but right now I haven't got enought time to investigate it.
Anyway I am surprised that CASIO made any support to anyone especially about programming. :blink:

#7 C@siomax


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Posted 18 September 2002 - 10:59 AM

Hi mohamed! good to see you again :D
WHat about bomberman? Very good, it now includes random maps, more animations, 4 types of ennemies and many other stuffs...

#8 superna


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Posted 18 September 2002 - 01:39 PM

superna: What about Space Invaders?
Last thing I remember was that I tried it and it was ultra fast, and I barely saw the bullets falling on me. Any progress?

So thaks to think of me !
I sorted the last version on internet, just go and see on my website,
apparently, it's too fast !
So i'll include an option to solw down !

But i gonna make a pc version, a highscore, a savegame (with auto creation of basic files !)

Just go and see my website !

Oh yes, i put a paralx background !


ps: Happy to see you again !

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