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New To Classpad

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 04:10 PM

Hi everyone,

I've been reading these forums for a while and recently got a classpad 330.

I'm doing electrical engineering and classpad helps me concentrate on the actual problem I'm solving instead of getting bogged down doing the math, so i find it pretty helpful so far

In any case, now that I finally bought a classpad 330, I can't seem to figure out some things. I've looked a fair bit on google and through the forum but didnt find answers.

Firstly, when I bought my classpad, all I got with it is short getting started guide. No function descriptions booklet, etc... that I got with my previous (TI) calculator. So, the question is where do I find the document that describes all the functions of classpad and the correct syntax?!? How am I to use the device without such a guide?

In particular, I'm trying to do laplace transforms (and inverse transforms), but I can't figure out the syntax! Can someone give me an example of a laplace transform and inverse laplace transform function please?

In addition, I noticed the classpad is not able to perform partial fraction expansions if the expansion requires complex numbers. Is this really so, or am I doing something wrong. For instance, can the classpad peform a partial fraction expansion of:

5/(s+2) - (2.5+2.5i)/(s+3-i) - (2.5-2.5i)/(s+3+i)

The OS version I'm running is 03.02.3000. From reading around this version should not have bugs in Laplace transforms so I'm not upgrading to 03.03 on purpose (since I'll be using laplace a lot).

Thanks for reading!

#2 igor



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Posted 08 November 2008 - 01:04 PM

Ok, found it. For future reference, I had to register at http://edu.casio.com/dl and then under the OS upgrade I found the full manual for download.

I still can't figure out if the classpad can find partial fraction expansion if the expansion requires complex numbers. I found the cExpand() function, but this does not seem to be able to do partial fraction expansion as expand() does.


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Posted 09 November 2008 - 09:15 PM

Are you in Complex (Cplx) mode?

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