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Advice And Info Wanted

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#1 ASTRO491K


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Posted 06 December 2009 - 01:18 AM

I am considering the purchase of a casio calculator for math and engineering work but the numbering system of the models is hard to understand, so my question is quite simply what is the most powerful casio engineering and math calculator model? If the answer is the Classpad model, then what is the difference between the classpad 300 and the class pad 330 and are there any newer models? Also, do these models do 3D graphing, and Laplace and inverse Laplace transforms.

I have been advised that because of the touch screen, I might not like the classpad screen contrast so I would also like to know if that is a problem or something that has been fixed? Also, is a high resolution color screen model available? My calculator background is years of TI-84, 89 and voyage use and I recently looked at the new Ti-nspire cas model. I like the availability of nspire software for windows, and the increased speed compared to the Voyage 200, but the lack of ability to graph two 3D surfaces (or any for that matter) makes the nspire series unsuitable for my needs. Please give me any advice you can, that you think will help me understand how the Casio calculators compare to the TI calculators that I am familiar with, so that I can make a wise buying decision. Thank you very much.

#2 James Noel

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Posted 09 December 2009 - 03:14 AM

Hi, I am also new. For an engineering student Hp 50g would encompass all you needs. All you conversion and constant could be on the calculator and arguably there seems to be a lot more functions in hp 50g that gear towards surveyers and engineers. In my opinion the Classpad is more of a learning tool than the Hp. In comparision they both have small amount of differences would set them apart in a small way.
If you still want to go with Classpad then the Classpad 330 A would have the latest improvements of the casio Classpad group. You might just have to make one last upgrade to OS 3.04.4. All or most of the bugs have been illiminated in this version. You might not need to concern yourself with conversion since that can easily be optained at any casio application download site.
Hope this would carry you through in your descision making.

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