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Error When Compiling Add-in With The Classpad Sdk

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Posted 18 March 2010 - 06:01 AM

Hi everybody... Apologize for my previous post... My problem is this:

[font="Arial Black"]A few days ago I bought the Casio ClassPad 330 calculator, and I think it is a magnificent machine, I am very happy and want to learn to ADD-IN application. Well, it downloaded the SDK from Casio ClassPad and since I installed it, and when I tried to compile an example the result is several files within the folder where you save the main.cpp and creating a folder called "outdir" and within this folder are the other files and creates one named like the application but without the extension *. cpa, leaving only several files that are not so and that the same name as the application appears. exe ... Apparently all the result of the compilation is well until near the end, it appears a line that says:C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\compress -r ADDINAPA.BIN "The system can not execute the specified program." so the file with the extension *. cpa and not created by Nor can therefore be transferred to the calculator.
The code is as follows:

#include "ClassPad.h"class Example1Window: public CPModuleWindow //Create the Example1Window class for the application{public:// Example1Window constructor, inherit CPModuleWindowExample1Window(PegRect rect, CPMainFrame* mf):CPModuleWindow(rect,0,0,mf){}~Example1Window(){} // destructorvoid Draw() // overload the Draw method{BeginDraw(); // begin of drawInvalidate(mClient); // invalidate old displayDrawFrame(); // draw the framePegPoint pp = {20,10}; // position to pixel column 20 and row 10PegColor col = BLACK; // set the color blackDrawTextR(pp,"Example 1",col,PegTextThing::GetBasicFont());EndDraw(); // end of draw}}; //End of Example1Window class//The main methodvoid PegAppInitialize(PegPresentationManager *pPresentation){PegRect Rect; // create a rectangle object for the MainFrame// set the rectangle to the usable size of the displayRect.Set(MAINFRAME_LEFT, MAINFRAME_TOP, MAINFRAME_RIGHT,MAINFRAME_BOTTOM);CPMainFrame *mw = new CPMainFrame(Rect); // create the MainFramePegRect AppRect; // create a rectangle for the Application WindowAppRect = mw->FullAppRectangle(); // Size it to the MainFrameExample1Window *swin = new Example1Window(AppRect,mw); // create the Application Windowmw -> SetTopWindow(swin); // load the application window into the MainFramemw -> SetMainWindow(swin); // set a main window for this modulepPresentation->Add(mw); // add the MainFrame to the Presentation Manager};//error message handlingextern "C" char *ExtensionGetLang(ID_MESSAGE MessageNo){return "";}

and the compiler output shows the following:
[codebox]<< Start Compile >> 
FXSH.EXE -o  -SU="outputdir\temp.sub" -output=F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\aplmain.lib -FO=library -NOLO -NOM 

Optimizing Linkage Editor Completed
C:\ARCHIV~1\Dev-Cpp\bin\make.exe --no-print-directory -f gcc.mak

C:\ARCHIV~1\Dev-Cpp\bin\g++.exe "outputdir\gcc_main.o"  -o "outputdir\Project1.exe" -L"C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\Dev-Cpp\lib" -D__DEBUG__ -L"C:\ARCHIV~1\Dev-Cpp\lib" -g3 "C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\gcc_main.a" "C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\ClassPadDLLgcc.a"

C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\make.exe -f F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\MakeCPA.mak all
C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\make.exe[1]: Entering directory `F:/CALCULADORAS/CASIO/Programas/EjemplosSDKparaClasspad/PRUEBAS/Project'
"C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\BIN\FXSH.EXE" -o C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\obj\startaplAddin.obj C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\obj\setup.obj C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\obj\sectionAddin.obj C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\obj\RSYSRAM.obj C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\obj\BootINF.obj C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\obj\main.obj -LIB="C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\bioslib.lib, C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\libc.lib, C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\HiLIB.lib, C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\SHCLIBapl.lib, C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\libgcall.lib, C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\JmpTblApl.lib, C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\lib\ADDCOMMON.lib, F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\aplmain.lib" -OU=F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\ADDINAPL.rld -CH=warning=2310 -FO=sectrel -NOPRE -NOM -LIS=F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\ADDINAPL.map -SH=SY -NOLO

** L2310 (W) Undefined external symbol "typeinfo for CPModuleWindow" referenced in "main"

Optimizing Linkage Editor Completed
C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\make.exe[1]: Leaving directory `F:/CALCULADORAS/CASIO/Programas/EjemplosSDKparaClasspad/PRUEBAS/Project'
C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\setheader "F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\ADDINAPL.rld" "F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\Project1.cpa" -vp0100 -vl1000 -m2 -pA -o -bI"C:\Archivos de programa\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\example.bmp"
PV Application Header addition tools v0.4
programmed by m.yanagisawa.
C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\putname.exe -p0 -wp "F:\CALCUL~1\CASIO\Programas\EjemplosSDKparaClasspad\PRUEBAS\Project\outputdir\Project1.cpa" "Project1"
PV Application name setting tool v0.1
programmed by m.yanagisawa.

C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\CheckSize.exe ADDINAPA.BIN
C:\ARCHIV~1\CASIO\ClassPad300\bin\compress -r ADDINAPA.BIN

<<COMPILE_LOG END>>[/codebox]

What can I do, what is the problem, why can not I get the file with extension *. cpa??? I appreciate the help you can give me

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Posted 02 April 2010 - 12:39 PM

uninstall the default Dev c++ and it's libraries, reinstall the CP SDK only.

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