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I'm Making Fallout On My Calculator

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Posted 25 July 2010 - 04:47 PM

This is my first post on these forums and it is quite an ambitious one! I am going to attempt to recreate Fallout on a calculator.
I have only made one previous game, which was a gangster game where you commit crimes to earn money and eventually you build up enough cash to fund a bank heist. It was fun but Fallout is going to be a billion times more challenging to make.
I'm going to use this thread as a sort of drawing board to help with my ideas and hopefully some of you will be able to help me with this too.

Game Themes
These themes represent the essence of the game. I will try to stay true to these themes and include them to the best of my ability.
  • Fallout References - Vaults, Iguana Bits, Caps, Brahmin, etc.
  • Post-Apocalypse - radiation, destruction, anarchy.
  • Scavenging - searching for items, making/repairing items from scavenged parts.
  • Combat
  • Communication with NPC's
  • Passage of Time
  • Underground and Overground life.
  • Open Landscape
  • Quests

  • Entities & Factions
  • Free-roaming world
  • Settlements
  • Combat
  • Items (Apparel, Weapons, Ammo, Aid, Misc)
  • Scavenging
  • Creating and repairing items
  • Passage of time (routines)
  • Radiation poisoning
  • Dialogue with NPC's
  • Karma & SPECIAL
1. Entities & Factions
I want to have a wide variety of creatures and people in my game like there is in Fallout. Of course there will be memory limitations and I may have to rule out a few entity types I have laid out here. These are the entities I'm hoping to use:

Bloatfly - Huge flies that squirt an acidic secretion at predators.
Brahmin - The brahmin is a mutated variant of cattle. Due to changes in its digestive system to cope with radiation its milk is no longer safely drinkable by humans, but the brahmin's meat can still be eaten. They are the only farmed animal to survive the war.
Brotherhood Knight - The Brotherhood are a heavy duty military force whom try to restore order to the wastes, primarily through "controlling" the Supermutant population.
Centaur - Slimy, mutated creatures that often accompany Supermutants.
Deathclaw - This deadly reptilian giant is the result of a scientific experiment to create the perfect warrior species.
Doctor - Most settlements have a doctor that can heal your wounds, radiation sickness and cure your addictions. The more wealth the settlement has the better treatment you will receive.
Dog - Faithful companions, but beware strays as they can be vicious.
Enclave Eyebot - These robotic drones spread out across the wastes and alert The Enclave to anything of interest.
Enclave Soldier - The Enclave are a high-tech private military organization who will stop at nothing to become all-powerful rulers of the wasteland.
Feral Ghoul - These ghouls seem to have been severely mentally effected by radiation. Unlike sane ghouls, they are mindless killers and no attempt should be made to communicate with them.
Giant Ant - Big ants...
Ghoul - These ghastly looking creatures are humans whom have survived heavy radiation poisoning. Their skin peels from their flesh and they smell pretty bad but they're people too. The skin condition can be hereditary and offspring have a 50% change of inheriting the disease. Due to the diseases nature of exposing the flesh, Ghouls have a high risk of infection and far reduced life expectancy.
Merchant - These entrepreneurial folks can be found in most settlements and can be traded with. Each settlement has at least one weapons merchant and one food merchant. The settlement's level of defences improve the quality and variety of weapons available for purchase and the settlement's food rating determines the amount and quality of food on offer.
Mirelurk - Mutated, crab-like creatures. Very territorial animals that can be extremely dangerous if provoked.
Mole Rat - Burrowing animals that are little more than overgrown pests.
Protectron - Robots built to provide security enforcement.
Radroach - Cockroaches that have grown to an enormous size due to radiation exposure.
Radscorpion - Scorpions that have grown to an enormous size due to radiation exposure.
Raider - Bandits of the wastelands. Often travel in groups.
Rogue - Ex-raiders who have seen the error of their ways, or simply grown tired of life in the wastes, now protect wastelanders for a price.
Roving Trader - These brave merchants travel the wastes to bring exotic items to the settlements. They are accompanied by at least one Rogue and a Brahmin (used to carry the merchandise).
Supermutant - It is said these huge beasts were once men. They can wield man-made weapons and have a preference for big guns.
Talon Company Mercenary - The contract killers of the wasteland. If you kill a lot of bad guys you mind find yourself on their list.
Vault Dweller - Those who live in the vaults.
Vault Security - Police officers of the vaults.
Wastelander - Ordinary civilians trying to make a life for themselves in the wastes.
Yao Guai - Once upon a time these mindless killing machines were grizzly bears.

Entities are spawned where their faction is active, some entities can belong to more than one faction.
Beasts (above ground) - Bloatfly, Deathclaw, Dog, Giant Ant, Mirelurk, Mole Rat, Radscorpion, Yao Guai.
Beasts (underground) - Feral Ghoul, Giant Ant, Mirelurk, Mole Rat, Radroach, Radscorpion.
Ghouls - Ghoul.
Raiders - Raider, Dog.
Supermutants - Supermutant, Centaur.
Talon Company - Talon Company Mercenary.
The Brotherhood - Brotherhood Knight, Protectron.
The Enclave - Enclave Eyebot, Enclave Soldier.
Vault - Vault Dweller, Vault Security, Doctor.
Wastelanders - Wastelander, Merchant, Doctor, Rogue, Ghoul, Protectron, Dog, Brahmin, Roving Trader.

2. Free-Roaming World

I will use a single list to store data for the world map. On my fx-7400G there are 255 items per list, which is very annoying as 256 is a square number (16x16). I have decided to still use a 16x16 map and just prevent the player from going onto the last, which doesn't exist.

The terrain types will be: Vault, Wasteland, Water, Ruins, Pre-War House, Pre-War Shop, Pre-War Tower, Metro Station and Cave. Underground Beasts inhabit Houses, Shops, Towers, Metro Stations and Caves, while Above Ground Beasts inhabit Wasteland and Ruins. Mini-Nukes have the power to destroy buildings, they turn Houses, Shops and Towers into Ruins and Metro Stations and Caves into Wasteland.

Each map square has four prosperity ratings: Food, Weapons, Caps (money) and Security. These ratings effect the type, quantity and quality of items that spawn in the location and so higher levels attract settlers.

To populate the word, each map square has an activity rating for all factions. Upon entering a square the presence of each faction is considered and the appropriate entities spawned.

Activity spots have a second use, they help to update the world. Every day at midnight the map is updated, the activity of the different factions changes depending on other factions nearby. For example, if there is high Wastelander activity, Raiders will become active nearby.


2. Settlements
Settlements are not in fixed locations but built on-the-fly by Wastelanders, Raiders, Supermutants and Ghouls.

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 07:50 AM

oh yeah, well... IM MAKING A GAME WHERE U R AIM TEH CANNON N IT GO UP OR DOWN AND USE SHIFT 2 LAUNCH BALLS(lol) THEN LKE IT GO TO HUNDRED THEN ALPHA FIRE AND IT BOUNCE AND ARC! <span class=Alpha' /> MALE!but no realy your game sounds like a good idea and id play that, im trying create physics that could be used for games

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 06:21 PM

I've stopped working on this to work on a "real" game with some other hobbyists.

#4 Guest_Guest_OBese87_*_*

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 06:21 PM

I've stopped working on this to work on a "real" game with some other hobbyists.

I will return to it at a later date.

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 04:51 PM

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