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Casio fx-82 MS hacking

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#1 pedro-javierf



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Posted 01 June 2018 - 05:09 PM

Hello  :rolleyes:


I'm an owner of several Casio calculators, all from the fx-82MS series. In Spain (where I live) they are very common because they are really cheap.


So, I wanted to hack it of course. I already have experience in reverse engineering and exploit development (https://github.com/pedro-javierf/). Nevertheless the calculator scenario is much more complex, at least for the casio fx-82ms which isn't programable.


So far I know there's this software glitch (sometimes called overflow but I don't really know if it's a classic stack overflow or someone just gave it the name):

which basically unlocks every mode from the superior model (fx-82ES I think?) on this 10eur calculator (though not all of them are really usable)


This is patched in the newer model, which (when turning off) prints the casio logo.


Also, the hardware is completely different. I'll post some images in the following days from the newer model, but a Spanish colleague already reversed the hardware for the old model: http://nitehack.blog...k-incluido.html

the most interesting thing is that he found that the hardware beneath the buttons is in fact a matrix keyboard. There are more pins (keyboard combinations) that were actual buttons in the calculator, so he analyzed that and found that some combinations can be triggered to directly activate extra modes from the superior model. I have a hardware setup for that I'll show off as soon as possible. The software layer is still pretty much unexplored, so that's why I'm here  :greengrin:


I've seen you people have done a lot of research into better, newer and more complex models (even ROP chains If I'm not wrong!) which is amazing. How could I apply some of that knowledge to reverse the fx-82MS? I've read something about official casio emulators?


Thank you!


PS: Since I don't have any newer model I can't really help, but I will try if y'all need something :)

#2 frankmar98


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Posted 01 June 2018 - 06:34 PM

Hi, pedro-javierf, welcome to UCF!


The research on hacking basic calculators is really interesting. This fx-82 MS is a good platform to research with.


I invite you to post here all your research in this model. I've splitted your post from the other thread, because it is other model. This is for organization reasons. To help the users to find your post easiliy.


I really understand the popularitiy of this calculator in Spanish classes, I have studied ESO and Bachillerato in a highschool in a town in Málaga, and almost everyone had the fx-82MS.


This occurs because the teachers and the students don't have any knowledgment about calculators, for example, a fx-991ES plus or an used graphing calculator are cheap also (I got my fx-9750G for 3€ used), and have many functions more.


Although the research in this models hacking is really interesting.


The old version of fx-82MS, has the same hardware than fx-570MS, 100MS, 115MS, 991MS, well function suited models, the predecesors of fx-ES plus series.


1998:  fx-82W, 85W, 100W, 115W, 570W, 991W


2001: fx-82MS, 83MS, 85MS, 100MS, 115MS, 270MS, 300MS, 350MS, 570MS, 991MS


2004:  fx-82ES, 83GT, 85ES, 115ES, 350ES, 570ES, 991ES


2008:  fx-82ES plus, 83GT plus, 85ES plus, 115ES plus, 350ES plus, 570ES plus, 991ES plus


2015: fx-82, 350, 570, 991 EX/SPX/DEX, etc.


The better (unlocked) calculators are the fx-570 - 991, and in the MS series, this calculators are discontinued, the 82MS is still in production but with a cheaper PCB.



#3 user202729


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Posted 05 June 2018 - 01:53 PM

I know about that glitch (and some other ones), all of them involves pressing '0' before '1'. Because only '0' works (and nothing else) I suspect that's an Easter egg Casio left in the calculator.

I also have some calculators in the old MS series (where I can test the bugs).

Unfortunately, I have no idea how the glitch works because:

* There are no "correct" emulator of any calculator, that I can extract the ROM and expect it to be "reasonably similar" to the ROM of the real calculator.
* I don't know the details of the hardware (CPU model, etc.) although I guess it's the same kind as the ES and ES PLUS series.
* I can't find out a way to read the calculator ROM.

If anyone succeeded in obtaining the ROM of the calculator series, please post it.

#4 Sonic The Hedgehog

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Posted 24 January 2019 - 04:31 PM

Sorry for being 7 months late, but I will give you some useful info.




which basically unlocks every mode from the superior model (fx-82ES I think?) on this 10eur calculator (though not all of them are really usable)


You have to press a different button sequence.


Video: https://youtu.be/YY19aeKGN1M (Text version is in the description for if you can't follow the video.


In short: press 9 before the M+ thing, and use 5353535... instead of 1313131...

The above method may sometimes fail, if it fails, try a reset or a different hack (like the "matrix hack") before trying again.


I've found 1 other video adapting my method: https://youtu.be/t583XTyuEnk all others use the method you've used.


I've performed all sample calculations from the fx-570MS manual, and they all worked.


BTW It's the fx-570MS model.

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