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New server

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Posted 16 August 2018 - 10:20 AM

You might have noticed that we've just switched to a new server with enforced HTTPS.


I haven't transferred www.casiocalc.org yet, hopefully this will be done before the weekend but it might go offline in the mean time because my former host was supposed to cease all operations on August 15th (yesterday)...


The website used to be hosted on a shared hosting on FreeBSD servers and a very old version of PHP5 and MySQL.


Now we're hosted on a VPS (VMware) that I manage completely (Debian Stretch, Apache 2.4, PHP7 with FastCGI and MariaDB). It's also accessible through IPV6. (The VPS is located in Canada)



I've spent a lot of time fixing the old forum code to work with PHP7 but there might still be some uncovered issues.


A few reminders:


- Although we are now on full HTTPS I'd like to remind everyone that the IRC widget will transmit everything that you type there on a public unencrypted channel.

Moreover, the IRC bot part written by Forty-Two is not https capable and needs to communicate on plain http. The IRC bot is still located in France (for now) so the chat text is being transferred from canada to France unencrypted before being posted on #casiocalc.


- Emails sent from the forum software are now using TLS and should be always sent on encrypted channels.


- Your forum private messages are stored unencrypted in the main MariaDB database, anyone with root access to the server can read them. I may disable PMs in the future or at least enable an auto pruning feature to prevent personal data theft in case of a breach...


- Like 99.9% of the websites casiocalc.org uses cookies to function. I haven't had the time to add the required useless annoying banners for Europeans but it will surely happen unfortunately...




- transfer www.casiocalc.org

- modify the forum code to enable the secure bit on cookies.


Just use this thread to report any issue you have with the website.


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