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Is there any way to add third party files to a CASIO fx-82AU PLUS II C

hacking file modification files

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#1 wahwah



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Posted 18 February 2019 - 02:30 AM

Hey there, interested in getting into the filesystem of my calculator. Any ideas? I know it lacks in processing power but would like to play around and see what I can get it to do.

#2 GodOfCows


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Posted 25 February 2019 - 02:50 PM

No way to put add-in in that calculator. Even if you found a way, there'd be no support for the device, all add-ins have been created for the fx-9860 or some varient of it.

#3 TheAwesomer



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Posted 02 April 2019 - 10:49 AM

Actually, I disagree. Although it may as well be impossible, if you were to dump the rom by dissolving the chip in acid and taking a photograph of it or through use of arbitrary code execution via a glitch, you could then reverse-engineer it and then put the rom on an EEPROM chip and just connect a microSD reader or similar to a non-important pin(s) (perhaps a test pin(s)) and the modified rom would read data from that pin(s) and load it onto the calculator.


So yeah, basically impossible, but not completely impossible.


I would like to say however, that the calculator has no file system. It is just raw data such as ASM (but a unique version for the 8-bit microcontroller that the calculator runs from.)

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#4 EnderFire09



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Posted 06 August 2020 - 08:35 PM

Not really, as there is no file system and they are no ports on the calculator.


However you can hack it!!! 


First note that all of the hacks only work on the LY711X VerA with the checksum of 0A69. You can check in diagnostics mode. To enter diagnostic mode, just look it up, there are plenty of tutorials on how to use diagnostic mode, out there.


If the calculator freezes/crashes, press [ON].


Firstly, all of the hacks use REG hackstrings, hackstrings that involve the small 'A', the small 'B' and 'r' and there are two types of REG hackstrings, ones that involve STAT Submode 0 and ones that involve the MathIO overflow (divide bracket) bug.


Firstly to get into STAT submode 0 you press [MODE], 2, then you press AC/on then [ON] around 0.5 seconds after pressing AC/on. Note that this may be hard for the first few times you try, but you will get better the more you do it.
If you are successful, you should see that the STAT indicator is on and REG is available in the STAT menu Shift, 1. If you are not the go back into COMP mode and try again.


In the REG Menu Shift, 1, 5, you will see 5 characters. We are interested in 2 of them, 'r' and the small 'A'

To get 'r', press Shift, 1, 5, 3.

To get the small 'A', press Shift, 1, 5, 1

sqrt - square root symbol


STAT submode 0 REG hackstrings


1. small 'A' by it self - Enters Mode 68

2. 1(1(1(1r - Enters Mode 68 with MathIO

3. A(BCr - Puts the input into table input mode and corrupts the ram, causing the hackstrings to have different results until you press [ON].

4. 1sqrt(1sqrt(1sqrt(1sqrt(1sqrt(1sqrt(1r - teleport cursor far to the right, past the start of the cache, causing basic overflow.



Now for the MathIO hacks


To get 'r' in MathIO you must type Pol(0,1) then press [=], then press รท, 9, and then press [LEFT BRACKET] until you cant type any more left brackets. Then press [=], the AC/on, , AC/on, [BACK].

Now your should have 'r' and a bunch of other characters next to it. Delete everything except for 'r'


Now for the COMP, MathIO hacks:


1. (7979(7979(7979(7979r - Enters Vector mode, which is not supported by the fx-82AU PLUS II.

2. A(BCr->M v/[] (Square root) - Enters Mode 68 with LineIO without crashing the calculator, Press AC/on, then [BACK], delete every thing except for the box. Now move the cursor to the left of the box, then press [RIGHT] once. Initially, you cant see what you are typing until you have typed about a dozen characters. You have now achieved basic overflow.





1. Mode 68 - see http://casiocalc.wikidot.com/mode-68

2. Basic overflow - see http://casiocalc.wik.../basic-overflow



For more information please visit http://casiocalc.wikidot.com/ and https://community.ca...s-plus-hacking/



Have Fun!

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