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Comparison of fx-9750gii/9860gii calculators.


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Posted 19 June 2020 - 09:19 PM

Recently, just for fun, I decided to compare the characteristics of three calculators and chose: 1) fx-9750g plus - the most economical in its class; 2) fx-9750gii (SH3, V.02.00) - they say that this one is very fast because of the well-optimized OS; 3) fx-9860gii (SH4, V.02.09) - equipped with newer firmware and newer processor. All three devices include monochrome LCD 128×64 pxl, very similar and compatible versions of the programming language.
Since the fx-9850gb plus (BE) became my first full-fledged graphical calculator from CASIO in 1998, I have been watching with interest the development of this (or like this) line for about 20 years.
For a more objective assessment of the speed of calculations, I took two different programs. The first of them is the well-known 8-queens benchmark. The code with the List variable was selected as less effective for the fx-9750gii/9860gii.
R➝Dim List 1
Lbl 0:X=R⇒Goto 4
Isz X:R➝List 1[X]
Lbl 1:Isz S:X➝Y
Lbl 2:Dsz Y Deg
Y=0⇒Goto 0
List 1[X]-List 1[Y]➝T
T=0⇒Goto 3
X-Y≠Abs T⇒Goto 2
Lbl 3:List 1[X]-1➝List 1[X]
List 1[X]⇒Goto 1
Dsz X:Goto 3
Lbl 4:S
The second one solves a fun problem: how many integers (from 1 to 9999) are evenly divisible by the number of letters in their name? First one is 4 (divisible by f-o-u-r (4 letters): 4÷4=1). Last one happens to be 9999 (divisible by n-i-n-e-t-h-o-u-s-a-n-d-n-i-n-e-h-u-n-d-r-e-d-n-i-n-e-t-y-n-i-n-e (33 letters): 9999÷33=303).
[0,0,6,6,5,5,5,7,6,6]]→Mat K
For 1→E To 10:Mat K[1,E]+8(E≠1)→S
For 1→D To 10:Mat K[1,D]+7(D≠1)+S→T
For 1→C To 10:Mat K[3,C]+T→U
For 1→A To 10:Mat K[B,A]+U→V
N+1→N:V≠0⇒(Frac (N/V)=0)+K→K
spoiler: K=359.
This code contains the operations For...Next and Mat_ , which fx-9750gii/9860gii perform very quickly.
The results are shown in a table from my paper notebook. The measurement and rounding error does not exceed 2%.
When comparing the results obtained from 9750gii and 9860gii, an unexpected conclusion arises: the speed of the calculator is directly proportional to its power consumption. And if I didn`t know anything about their hardware stuffing, I would say based on these tests: the fx-9750gii is a 56 MHz overclocked fx-9860gii. No special technological advantages of the 9860gii calculator compared to the 9750gii have been observed. A similar proportionality between speed and power is seen when comparing results between fx-9750g plus and 9750gii/9860gii.
Probably, the CPU clock speed can not serve as a true characteristic of the calculator, since the manufacturer also regulates the speed in other ways.
And brief conclusions that I made for myself: 1) such a calculator as 9750g plus is still relevant today; 2) I will not upgrade the 9750gii. Even with the old OS 02.00, it is an excellent calculator; 3) there are no complaints about 9860gii.

Edited by Hlib2, 20 June 2020 - 12:41 PM.

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Posted 24 June 2020 - 10:37 AM

Hi HliB2,
Thanks a lot for the very interesting calculator comparison! :D
I'm very interested in these comparisons.
When I get a new calculator, the first thing I do is benchmark it.
I think CASIO does a very good job of ranking their calculators, 
but I didn't like the fact that they deliberately slowed it down when I switched from SH3 to SH4A.
Half power consumption and half speed is useless.
Half the power consumption and double the speed is the right evolution. ^_^

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